The Sentinel Legacy 9/11

The Sentinel Legacy: 9/11/2017

For those of us who vividly remember the events on September 11, this date brings an ominous tone. When one can recount where someone was when an event happens, we begin to recognize the significant impact to both our personal lives, and the history of this nation. In today’s remembrance, as mostly all of our SHS students were not of age to remember these events, with some not even born, we have asked students to ask staff where they were “the day the towers fell.” Such questions bring a poignant reflection for our students that this infamous day left a powerful mark upon the history, culture, and perspective of our nation. It is important for our students to recognize that legacy is dynamic, and not always yielding to the positive sentiments of what is left behind. However, in our announcements and discussions today, we examined the legacy of our first responders, of the brave passenger of United 93, of the American heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice, or continue to endure hardship to this day due to their call to serve those in need. For those courageous individuals, their lasting legacy is one of inspiration and perseverance, echoing an American spirit of resilience that is forever woven in the fabric of time. To them, we are thankful, and honor their sacrifices by pledging that we will never forget.

A few items to note:

Academic Update:

-Our advisory structure has changed, and has developed into three specific advisory types:

  1. Alpha-Advisory (Mondays): Typical advisory structure (usually grouped by alphabetized names) by which students receive school and guidance department information, develop their Individual Learning Plans, complete components of graduation requirements (digital portfolio), and participate in grade-level or whole-school assemblies.
  2. Academic Advisory (Wednesdays): Students meet with individual teachers in order to receive academic support or enrichment based upon their needs. The structure of this allows students to take ownership of prioritizing academic responsibilities, and grants flexibility in scheduling to allow for self-advocacy.
  3. Social Advisory (Fridays): Students and teachers bond over a shared interest in order to ensure that all students have formed a strong connection with at least one peer, and one adult, in our building. These social interests have been created through both student and staff contributions.

We are excited that these changes will provide opportunities for positive growth in our students and school both academically and socially. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Administrative Updates:

-On Tuesday, September 12th, we invite all parents to attend our Smithfield High School Open House. This event will be held from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at the high school. We’d ask that all parents report to your student’s advisory for 6:00. Parents will then follow your child’s schedule, so that you have a chance to meet all of his or her teachers. If you are looking to have a follow-up conversation with a teacher, please do not hesitate to contact our staff, or schedule a separate appointment. We look forward to welcoming you to SHS for the ‘17-’18 school year.

-On Wednesday, September 13th, the first high school parent council meeting will be taking place, beginning at 7:00 PM in the school library. Please consider attending and supporting the council on a variety of great initiatives.

-The first regular season high school football game of the year will be taking place this Friday, September 15, at SHS, beginning at 7:00. Please come out and support the team’s first home game at our “Friday Night Lights”.

-We’d like to give a special thank you to Mr. Lenore, one of our art teachers, on his production of our Welcome Back video, which can be found on our official school Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please check out this video, as our community establishes our #SHSLegacy. The video can also be viewed here:

SHS Welcome Back Video

-The SHS Spirit Week schedule has been unveiled! Please check out our events here:

SHS Spirit Week 2017

Other Important Dates:

-Friday, 9/15: SHS Football Home Opener: “Friday Night Lights”

-October 1-6: SHS Spirit Week: Events and Times TBA

-Thursday, October 5: SHS Homecoming Bonfire

-Friday, October 6: SHS Football Homecoming and Homecoming Dance

– Monday, October 9: Columbus Day (No School)

– Wednesday, October 11 – Juniors: PSAT/NMSQT

– Thursday, October 19 (6-8:30) NHS Induction

-Friday, October 20: Picture Retakes


September 11.jpg

One name spanning

a bridge, another

undergoing a tunnel.

A blue name needled

into the skin.

Names of citizens,

workers, mothers,

and fathers,

The bright-eyed

daughter, the quick son.

Alphabet of names in

a green field.

Names in the small tracks of birds.

Names lifted from a hat

Or balanced on

the tip of the tongue.

Names wheeled

into the dim warehouse

of memory.

So many names, there

is barely room on

the walls of the heart.”

—New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the World Trade Center site in 2003

Enjoy the week everyone! #SHSLegacy


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