The Sentinel Legacy 9/18

The Sentinel Legacy: 9/18/2017

“Next Play”

When I was growing up, I learned the most about myself when I was on a basketball court. Missed shots were a call to improve, and I was told I could never leave the court until I “ended with a make.” Growing up with athletics being part of my personal fabric, I learned quickly that one can never change the past. There was only the knowledge of the past that could create a goal for the future, and only the present to see that goal to fruition. The one true thing that ever really existed was the “next play.” Athletics isn’t the only means to convey this value. A missed brush stroke, an incorrect calculation, a misplaced note, or waking up late for a flight all resemble the same principle. Very simply, for me, the basketball court was my personal classroom.

In vogue terms circulating in the educational world are “resiliency” and “perseverance”, with the common understanding of it being the ability to overcome the obstacles and struggles in life and academia. Education teaches resiliency, with numerous studies beginning in the 1990s to justify such claims. However, a person who is resilient or perseverant means that he or she has become capable of seeing opportunity in the missteps, failures, and missed shots, reconciling that the unchangeable past is no longer the important moment in time. There is only the next play, where success is a side effect of resiliency. We must honor the resilient by acknowledging the thousand mistakes and struggles along the way, and let their perseverance be our inspiration to live for the “next play.”

A few items to note:

Academic Update:

In our faculty discussion, we have examined what professional practice commitments should be taking place in every class, every day at SHS. With educational practices, we primarily base many decisions on research. Based upon faculty contribution, we have committed ourselves to the following three practices for this school year:

-That students will be welcomed and greeted as they enter the classroom, a hallmark of the positive culture at SHS. Article that references relevant research

-That essential questions (or the guiding questions of a lesson) be easily referenced in each class. One example of research on EQs/Learning Objectives

-That checks for understanding, ensuring that ALL students are grasping the essential concepts of a lesson, will occur multiple times in classes: Checks for Understanding Research Referenced (Marzano is the foremost authority on educational research)

I find that these practices, formulated by our faculty and leadership team, are indicative of the high-quality commitment to education that exemplify our educators. SHS truly has a devoted faculty, concerned with the well-being and academic success of their students.

Administrative Updates:

SHS 50th Graduation Committee Sign-Up: Please consider signing up to be part of our SHS 50th Graduation Committee. We are looking for faculty, parent, and student input to mark the legacy of 50 years of excellence in education. Responsibilities include: occasional meetings now through June, email correspondence, outreach to alumni.

-The SHS Fashion Show has been scheduled for Friday, December 8! Please mark your calendars for this fun, student-led event. (Spoiler alert) The theme this year is outstanding…

-We will be having our first “Coffee with a Principal” event at Barnes and Noble, in Smithfield, on Saturday, October 14, from 8-10 AM. This event is designed so that members of the community can get together on a quarterly basis to talk about general education trends and topics. *Please note that we cannot discuss specific students or teachers during this forum, but can discuss overall education practices. Though the forum will be open, one theme to be discussed is standards-based instruction. Barnes and Noble will be providing FREE hot coffee for attendees. For planning purposes, please email me if you plan to attend so that we can determine numbers (

Bus Tracker: Did you know you can monitor your child’s route and time of arrival on his or her bus? Check out the Bus Tracker app: Bus Tracker App

SHS Apparel: Please check out SHS apparel for this year. Students may purchase these items from the Student Council at all lunches: SHS Apparel

The SHS Spirit Week schedule has been unveiled! Please check out our events here:

SHS Spirit Week 2017

-Please vote for one of our soccer player’s, Riley Hart, outstanding, game-winning goal for ABC6 Play of the Week: Riley Hart’s Game Winning Goal over SK (Thanks, Mr. Lenore!)

The link can be found here:

Other Important Dates:

-October 1-6: SHS Spirit Week: Schedule above

-Thursday, October 5: SHS Homecoming Bonfire

-Friday, October 6: SHS Football Homecoming and Homecoming Dance

– Monday, October 9: Columbus Day (No School)

– Wednesday, October 11 – Juniors: PSAT/NMSQT

-Saturday, October 14: Coffee with a Principal: Barnes and Noble, Smithfield, 8-10 AM

– Thursday, October 19 (6-8:30) NHS Induction

-Friday, October 20: Picture Retakes

-Tuesday, October 24 (6-8 PM): SHS Financial Aid Night

-Thursday, November 16: No School: SHS Parent-Teacher Conferences: 1-4:30, 5:30-7:45 PM

Football Home Opener vs. Toll Gate


Judge Judith Savage discussing summer reading book Just Mercy with Students:


Mr. Lynch’s class analyzing the effects of Reconstruction Era decisions on race in America then and now:


“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.”

-Vince Lombardi

Enjoy the week everyone! #SHSLegacy


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