The Sentinel Legacy 9/28

The Sentinel Legacy: 9/28/2017


Firstly, on behalf of the Sentinel family, we would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Maddie Potts, a Chariho High School senior and a captain of their soccer team, who passed unexpectedly Saturday night while playing the game she loved. The feelings associated with loss are debilitating, and we send our thoughts and support to those who are enduring grief. This is a life cut short, and there are no words that can truly encapsulate the tragedy and cruelty that this life sometimes brings.

In a show of unity, schools across the state are marking the legacy of Maddie by wearing blue apparel, associated with Maddie’s favorite color. We, as a Sentinel family, will be doing likewise today, Thursday, September 28th. It is a small gesture, but acknowledges the bonds we share in honoring the lasting legacy of a remarkable, young woman. Life is precarious, and though the moments we share together are sometimes tenuous, it is important to cherish the bonds we create while we have the opportunity to express them. Now is the time for the held hand, the kind gesture, the caring ear, so that this precious moment in time can echo on in the legacy we leave behind.


A few items to note:

Academic Update:

-Personal confession: When looking at educational systems, I often look to what Finland is doing. They have been previously #1 in education in the world according to international benchmarks, and are consistently advancing innovative educational practices. Though there are specific, contextual elements to the U.S., and, more specifically, the Rhode Island educational models that differ greatly from Finland, it is always important to consider research from a multitude of sources. I recommend examining articles related to Finland’s continued innovation and success. Here is a very brief overview:

Finland’s Education

-On Wednesday, October 11, Freshmen, Sophomores, and Seniors will be taking part in our first SHS Google 1:1 Bootcamp, equipping students with important skills to facilitate the successful usage of our Chromebooks. Juniors, due to PSAT testing, will have this opportunity at a later date. Our 1:1 initiative has helped to make our educational program more efficient, without replacing the essential teaching and learning interactions that are an important component to classroom success. Technology augments instruction, but it should never replace instruction. We at Smithfield Public Schools abide by this statement.

-On Wednesday, October 11, students in all classes will take part in our bi-annual ALICE presentation, conducted in conjunction with our Smithfield Police Department. Due to the unfortunate events of our times, this presentation is necessary, and prepares our students for emergency situations involving violent scenarios. Further information will be distributed to parents. We are thankful for our continued partnerships with the Smithfield Police Department, the Smithfield Fire Department, and Smithfield EMA services. The safety and security of our students and staff is our foremost priority.

Administrative Updates:

SPIRIT WEEK IS UPON US! The SHS Spirit Week schedule has been unveiled! Please check out our events here:

SHS Spirit Week 2017

Please join us for our SHS Pink Out, our annual soccer homecoming event that highlights Breast Cancer Awareness. On Friday, 9/29, students and staff throughout the school will be wearing pink in support of this cause. On Saturday, 9/30, our boys soccer team will be playing at 5 PM, followed by our girls team at 7 PM.

Our annual bonfire (Thursday, October 5 from 6-7:30 PM…before the Patriots game) is a great community event. We are adding some lawn game contests this year for students. Our Friday Night Lights homecoming football game versus Ponaganset will be Friday, 10/6 at 7 PM. Please consider joining us for our Homecoming Weekend!

SHS 50th Graduation Committee Sign-Up: Please consider signing up to be part of our SHS 50th Graduation Committee. We are looking for faculty, parent, and student input to mark the legacy of 50 years of excellence in education. Responsibilities include: occasional meetings now through June, email correspondence, outreach to alumni.

-The SHS Fashion Show has been scheduled for Friday, December 8! Please mark your calendars for this fun, student-led event. (Spoiler alert) The theme this year is outstanding…

-We will be having our first “Coffee with a Principal” event at Barnes and Noble, in Smithfield, on Saturday, October 14, from 8-10 AM. This event is designed so that members of the community can get together on a quarterly basis to talk about general education trends and topics. *Please note that we cannot discuss specific students or teachers during this forum, but can discuss overall education practices. Though the forum will be open, one theme to be discussed is standards-based instruction. Barnes and Noble will be providing FREE hot coffee for attendees. For planning purposes, please email me if you plan to attend so that we can determine numbers (

-A Special CONGRATULATIONS to Riley Hart, winner of ABC6 “Play of the Week”, with her game winning goal vs. South Kingstown

Riley Hart Wins ABC6 Play of the Week

Other Important Dates:

-October 1-6: SHS Spirit Week: Schedule above

-Thursday, October 5: SHS Homecoming Bonfire

-Friday, October 6: SHS Football Homecoming and Homecoming Dance

– Monday, October 9: Columbus Day (No School)

– Wednesday, October 11 – Juniors: PSAT/NMSQT

-Saturday, October 14: Coffee with a Principal: Barnes and Noble, Smithfield, 8-10 AM

-Tuesday, October 17: Junior Class Field Trip to Salem, MA

– Thursday, October 19 (6-8:30) NHS Induction

-Friday, October 20: Picture Retakes

-Tuesday, October 24 (6-8 PM): SHS Financial Aid Night

-Thursday, November 16: No School: SHS Parent-Teacher Conferences: 1-4:30, 5:30-7:45 PM


-The adventures of our principal, and president of the National Association of Secondary School Principals, Dan Kelley:

Addressing National Principals of the Year:

DK PoY.jpg

Meeting with Senator Al Franken:

DK Franken.jpg

Meeting with Secretary of Education, Betsy Davos:

DK Davos.jpg

Thank you, Mr. Kelley, for all you do representing Smithfield and principals throughout the country on the state and national level!

-Congratulations to our Freshmen Cross Country runner on taking 1st place in the Ocean State Invitational! Well done!


-Mr. Trudeau’s class incorporating on the spot assessment using online “quiz” website. Great incorporation of instant class feedback to guide instruction!


-Sentinel giving back: Mark Sutcliffe, who spoke to Ms. Andrews’ Business: Basics and Beyond class (formerly Introduction to Business) and Personal Finance classes last week. He discussed analytics being currently utilized in the airline industry.

Mark Sutcliffe is a 2002 graduate of SHS. He attended Florida Institute of Technology where he received a BS in Aviation Management. He is the Senior Manager of Crew Planning & Analytics for Southwest Airlines. He works and resides in Dallas Texas.


And finally…

-Mr. Lenore and his art students working on our “V” for “Victory” for the upcoming Homecoming Bonfire!


“We must accept finite disappointment…but never lose infinite hope.”

-Martin Luther Kings Jr.



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