The Sentinel Legacy 3/25/18

The Sentinel Legacy: 3/25/18



Smithfield High School Mission Statement

The mission of Smithfield High School is to provide a comprehensive, challenging and diverse learning environment, which will enable our graduates to succeed in a 21st century global community.

Reflecting on this mission, I am proud of two events that occurred at SHS over the past two weeks. The student-led walkout to call for action against school violence was an exemplary display of student voice, advocacy, and citizenship. Throughout their speeches, in order to model inclusivity, students ensured that the message of the need for action was transcendent of political beliefs. There was a call for unity, and civic advocacy. I am proud of the civility modeled by our students. As a high school, we will continue to support student calls for all civic action, as it is our fundamental belief and mission that their success relies on the ability to take essential learnings and put those understandings to action. As a result of our voter registration drive, which was sponsored by the US Army, 37 new voters were registered. Regardless of political ideology, those are 37 more citizens engaged in the democratic process. These are qualities necessary for success, knowing and doing.

On Friday, SHS hosted our annual whole-school assembly for our Unified basketball game vs. Johnston. For those who may not be familiar, our Unified program is conducted in partnership with the Rhode Island Special Olympics, and allows students with special needs to represent their school in interscholastic athletic competition. Smithfield Public Schools has enjoyed a long-standing and productive relationship with RI Special Olympics, and promotes Unified programming at all levels. Through this program, partner athletes and students with special needs compete together in the unifying spirit of athletics, promoting the values of community and inclusion. The entire event was a sight to behold, highlighting the call and importance of acceptance, inclusion, and respect. For our students who helped to make this happen, involved in all aspects of the event, thank you! Your commitment to our school community is magnificent, and you are tremendous examples of a generation committed to making this world better than the one you have inherited. Continue to accept this crucial mission, which is tasked to each generation.

A few items to note:

Academic Updates:

-*Due to the snow days that have occurred over the course of this quarter, please be advised that we are extending the 3rd quarter by two days. This will extend the quarter through Thursday, March 29. We have no school on Friday, March 30. Quarter 4 will begin on Monday, April 2.

On Monday, we are changing our alpha advisory to an academic advisory, in order to allow students additional time to complete make-up assessments prior to the end of the quarter. This was communicated to students last week. Please encourage your child to finish strong during this final week of the 3rd quarter.

-VERY IMPORTANT: SurveyWorks: *Additionally, we are reaching out to families to complete RIDE’s SurveyWorks, which will provide us with important feedback related to our school. Please view the previously sent email regarding SurveyWorks (copied below) for additional information.

As always, thank you for your continued partnership in your child’s education. Please do not hesitate to contact school administration if you have any questions:

The Rhode Island Department of Education is currently administering its yearly SurveyWorks Parent Survey, which is an opportunity for parents to provide feedback about our school and our children’s opportunities to learn. The survey results are most useful when all parents participate, so I am writing to ask you to participate in this survey.

Your views on matters like the safety of your child at school, the way students are taught, the condition of the school, and how connected you feel to this school are important. By taking this short survey, you can help our school leadership and faculty/staff continue to improve our school. Responses are anonymous and cannot be linked to any individual; no one can tie your responses back to you. We are looking for as many respondents to participate as possible, and we would like to hear your input.

You can take the short survey online or on paper beginning today through March 31st. To take the survey, visit: and enter 31107family as your access code.

Please contact Assistant Principal Linda Murphy with any questions.

Administrative Updates:

*Please note that there is no change to the established date of Graduation. SHS Graduation is still scheduled for Tuesday, June 5, at 7 PM, at Bryant University.

-Important medical information for the class of 2019:

In accordance with the Department of Health Rules and Regulations pertaining to immunizations, all students entering their senior year are required to have a booster dose of Meningococcal vaccine on or after their 16th birthday.

Also a 12th grade physical exam is required to attend school in September .

Please send this required medical documentation to the nurse as soon as possible . If your child’s physical exam is not scheduled until after the start of the 2018-2019 school year, please send in the most recent exam.

Please call Mrs. Riley, RN at 349-4625 with any questions .

-Please see this flyer from the Parent Council regarding an upcoming trivia night on Saturday, April 7!

Trivia Night

-Please see this flyer regarding an Earth Day (April 21) cleanup sponsored by the Smithfield DPW Recycling Office: Earth Day

-Upcoming Relay for Life event at Bryant on Saturday, April 21. Opportunities are available for community service at this event.



-Unified Basketball Game and our Coaches participating in the Unified Plunge at Salty Brine Beach (Thank you Miss Lorraine, Mrs. Bianco, Mrs. Barry, Mrs. Melaragno, Miss Brush)!


SHS Football Video 2017 (Thanks Mr. Lenore!)

Other Important Dates:


-Wednesday, March 28: SHS Rube Goldberg Night, 6-8 PM


-Friday, March 30: No School (Good Friday)


-Saturday, April 7: Class of 2019 Vendor Fair @ SHS


-Sunday, April 8: SHS National Honor Society Banquet at Crystal Lake Golf Club, 6-8PM


-Tuesday, April 10: Grades 9 and 10: PSAT Grade 11: SAT Grade 12: Senior Demonstration Rehearsal


-Friday, April 13: Senior Oratorical Contest


-Monday, April 16 – Friday, April 20: School Vacation



Photo Highlights:

-Our Sentinel was kidnapped (not really…it was a student council activity!) Congratulations to Stephen Herchen and Ashleigh Moroni, our Sentinel Sleuths, for figuring out our own Mr. Twohey was the kidnapper!

-Coaches and pics from our Student vs. Faculty game! Faculty upheld our winning streak winning 44-42!

-Great season and fan support for our SHS Boys Hockey Team! Proud of our graduating Seniors for their SHS Legacy!

-Proud of SHS being well represented at the recent Women’s Summit at Bryant University!

-Congrats to members of the Early Childhood / Teacher Preparation pathway on receiving their certifications at a recent School Committee meeting!

-SHS Fiddler on the Roof was outstanding!

-Students participating in the PC Programming Challenge

-SHS Student Walkout

“For our lives to be safe, we must be involved. This is our responsibility.”

-Joshua Young, Class of 2019, at SHS Walkout

“My entire life I have lived with the constant fear of what could happen. I don’t want my children growing up in a world like this.”

-Alec Devine, Class of 2018, at SHS Walkout

“People have said that I am too young to have these thoughts on my own. People have said that I am a tool for a nameless adult. It’s not true,” she protested. “My friends and I might still be 11, we might still be in elementary school, but we know. We know life isn’t equal for everyone and we know what is right and wrong. We also know that we stand in the shadow of the Capitol and we know that have seven short years until we too have the right to vote.”

-Naomi Wadler from the National “March for Our Lives”

Go Sentinels!



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