The Sentinel Legacy 6/11/18

The Sentinel Legacy: 6/11/18

“Thank You”

I’d like to thank everyone for an outstanding school year. During a year of transitions, I could not have asked for a better year while serving as principal of SHS. Thank you to the staff, community members, parents, and students for making this year a memorable one for me personally, and for adding a wonderful strand to the tapestry of the SHS Legacy.

This graduating class was a truly memorable group. They will be missed here at SHS. Though these statements would hold true to all classes at SHS, this was my speech to them at commencement:

On a personal note, what can I say to a class that has meant a tremendous amount to me during my time in Smithfield? Seven years ago, it was your young faces that I first greeted at your 6th grade orientation, welcoming you to Gallagher as I began my work as an assistant principal there. Now, I see before me young men and women, prepared and ready to impact the world. Words do not do justice, as it has been my humble honor to be present for your journey through youth, witnessing the triumphs and stumbles, the smiles and tears, the certainty and longing, and the despairs which gave way to hope. My hope is that you have learned as much from our time together as I have learned from you, and that you will remember fondly the simple moments shared during the emotions of life. You inspire me, and I am proud of you.

To you, I humbly offer some words as you embark on a new adventure, as you continue to rise as young men and women of courage and character.

When you remember your time at Smithfield High School, remember the bonds you shared during your greatest and lesser moments. We define ourselves through our relationships, and those formed during these past years will persevere the passage of time.

Appreciate this moment. Appreciate your family. Be thankful for your teachers. Absorb the significance of this milestone. This event is truly a rite of passage, and recognizes the individual path you took to be a part of this today. No one has, or will ever walk in your shoes! Your story is completely unique. Remember those who carried you when your feet were tired from the journey.

Give until you cannot give anymore. What defines this class is the exceptional generosity, charity, and unity that are sometimes uncommon characteristics. Your outreach and service to community members, and to each other, resonates and reverberates in everyone you encounter. To paraphrase Gandhi, you have been the change you want to see in this world!

We are living in interesting times. It seems that each generation takes it upon itself to criticize the next generation. The anonymous “They” within society have resorted to name-calling and mocking terms when speaking of your generation. We have heard that this generation is not ready for the road ahead. Well I do not see the unprepared among us today. I see the leaders of tomorrow. I hear the roar of voices like Alec Devine’s who is not afraid to speak with passion about issues affecting this generation.

I am awestruck at the service of individuals like Hannah Dauray, who spent last summer volunteering in Rwanda. Ask students like Genglin Liu, who spent this additional year abroad at SHS to complete the fullness of his high school experience, ask them if they are ready for the world. This is just a small sample of the outstanding achievements and service epitomized by the actions of this class. They say the road ahead will be difficult for you. Then, I say conquer that road. Remember and quote the mantra from our hockey team, #LTB! Love the Battle! You are more than ready to make your positive impact on this world.

And as you do leave your lasting legacy on the individuals you meet and the communities in which you will thrive, remember that you do not need to change the world. Become yourself, become who you are meant to be, and this world will change for you. And finally, remember that from now on, you are the guardians of that which is good. You stand post to preserve our traditions, and to protect our communities.

In this commencement, you solidify your legacy, and remember that from this day through the rest of your days, you are forever…Sentinels!

Thank you, Class of 2018, and congratulations!

A few items to note:

Academic Updates:

-A sent via email last week:

Exam Schedule is as follows:

June 11th Period F Exam 7:30-9:30

Period G Exam 9:45-11:45

June 12th Period D Exam 7:30-9:30

Period E Exam 9:45-11:45

June 13th Period B Exam 7:30-9:30

Period C Exam 9:45-11:45

June 14th Period A Exam 7:30-9:30

Make-Up Exams 9:45-11:45

June 15th Last Day – Students

8:00 Grades Due, Final Failures Due, Grades Due-No Incompletes; All students must receive final grade

-Students may be dismissed from school upon completion of either the first or 2nd exam with a dismissal note from a parent or guardian. Students cannot leave the room of the first exam if he or she has a 2nd exam that day.

-Students who do not have a first exam may come in late to school with a parent/guardian note in order to take the second exam of the day.

-Chromebook collection will occur next week after exams. Chromebooks are required to be turned in ASAP, based upon their need for an upcoming exam. For instance, if you do not need your Chromebook for exam preparation after Monday, please turn in your Chromebook after your exams on Monday. ALL Chromebooks must be turned in by the second exam time on Thursday, June 14th.

-School dismissal is at 11:45 next week. Buses will report to SHS at noon in order to allow time to turn in Chromebooks.

-Students are not allowed to be late for an exam. Students will not be allowed into an exam due to an unexcused tardy. Please ensure students are present and ready to take their exam by the time the exam starts.

-All grades are due by Friday at 8AM. Any exam makeup or allowed work submission must be completed by Thursday afternoon. Final grades will be “live” on the Parent Portal by 2PM on Friday.

Administrative Updates:


All staff and students will be reading the book Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked by Adam Alter, for our summer reading. The flyer can be found: HERE

Summer Math Packets can be found through this link: SHS Summer Math Packets. Please allow until the end of this week for updates.

-The Class of 2022 Freshmen Orientation Cookout will take place on Thursday, August 23, from 5:30-7:30 at SHS.

-RIDE CTE Grant Award!

The Smithfield Public School District has been awarded a Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) Career and Technical Education (CTE) Innovation and Equity grant! This grant, awarding approximately $150,000 to our district, will work to increase the number of female students participating in our computer science (CS) and information technology (IT) courses. Smithfield was one of eight school districts throughout the state to receive this highly competitive grant. By receiving this grant, Gallagher Middle School and Smithfield High School will revamp computer science and information technology programs, curricula, and classrooms to highlight Smithfield as a leading district in the fields of computer science and information technologies. Further information related to the grant awards can be found here:

Smithfield Awarded RIDE CTE Innovation and Equity Grant!

Important for the Class of 2019:

In accordance with the Department of Health Rules and Regulations pertaining to immunizations, all students entering their senior year are required to have a booster dose of Meningococcal vaccine on or after their 16th birthday.

Also a 12th grade physical exam is required to attend school in September. .

Please send this required medical documentation to the nurse as soon as possible . If your child’s physical exam is not scheduled until after the start of the 2018-2019 school year, please send in the most recent exam.

Please call Mrs. Riley, RN at 349-4625 with any questions.


-Summer School Information: Fairlawn Summer School

The Smithfield School Department, as mandated by the Rhode Island Department of Education, will be paying for all students who are participating in summer school for credit recovery. Students may take up to two courses for summer school credit recovery. Smithfield will be utilizing Fairlawn Summer School, located in North Providence, for this purpose. Further information can be found on the linked flyer: HERE

-The Annual 2018 Northern RI Relay for Life Event will take place on Saturday, June 23, from 2-11, at the SHS Track. The link to the flyer can be found: HERE




-SHS First Annual Graduates “Walk the Halls” Event



Facebook Link to Pics


-SHS Commencement 2018 Valley Breeze Article and Pics:


Observer Article


-Congratulations to Tim Ferron on his reception of the Pell Award for Excellence in the study of US History! SHS US History Teachers Kelley Young and Tom Lynch join Tim in this pic!



Other Important Dates:


-Friday, June 15: Last Day of School


-Thursday, August 23: Freshmen Orientation Cookout


-Tuesday, August 28: First Day of School


Photo Highlights:

-SpringFest 2018!

-THE Class of 2018 Senior Advisors:

-SHS Elections with Voting Machines provided by the RI Secretary of State’s office!

-Riley Sullivan speaking at Smithfield’s annual Memorial Day ceremony:

-Seniors’ Last Day Selfie (on Logan’s truckbed):

“Thank you to the children whose innocent words encouraged me.”

Malala Yousafzai

Go Sentinels!



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